Film panel of silk-printed nameplate

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Switch structure
Film switch structure of screen printing plate:
1. Planar non-tactile film switch: long service life, but no tactile;
2. Tactile film convex surface: good touch, but relatively short service life;
3. Non-tactile convex frame type: beautiful appearance, strong three-dimensional sense, but no touch;
4. Convex frame tactile type: beautiful appearance, strong three-dimensional sense, and tactile;
5. Tactile and convex layout: improper design, easy to have two phenomena, but the layout is damaged, electrical performance also exists;
6. Metal shrapnel type: good handle, shrapnel not only plays the role of touch, but also plays the role of on-line. Metal shrapnel is mainly used in thin film switches of printed circuit boards and other hard boards, giving full play to the three major characteristics of shrapnel: conduction, rebound and feel. The application of shrapnel in flexible membrane switch is mainly to provide tactile feedback (i.e. hand feeling), which is not commonly used. The disadvantage of shrapnel is that the distance between the travel of metal shrapnel and the travel between the contacts of the switch can not synchronize the shrapnel and the switch. That is to say, when the shrapnel acts, the switch contacts may not act at the same time. Moreover, in flexible circuit boards, shrapnel action often exceeds the horizontal level of its bottom. When the operating force is too large, shrapnel can easily deform in the opposite direction and can not be recovered, commonly known as "turning over dead". In fact, in flexible circuit boards, the touch of keys can be guaranteed by drum-lifting in line layers. Our factory has advanced drum-beating equipment and technology to ensure that the touch of keys is even and good.
7. Luminescent body shape: must open the bottom rubber mold;
A) The LED line and the lower line are the same layer: simple structure, but the LED window should be convex, otherwise, the LED lamp will top the front panel; suitable for low-height small LED lamp or less number of LED lamp occasions;
B) Different layers of LED line and lower line: complex structure, but not necessarily protruding LED window, suitable for the use of dual-color LED lights or LED lights in a large number of occasions; need to open punching die and bottom rubber die;
8. Fold-in type: This type can avoid jumping wires and can make the conductive surface downward without holes. The disadvantage of this structure is that the line is easy to break at the fold-in position.
9. Waterproof inner and outer frames: the outer frame is a closed frame without wiring, which protects the inner frame from water vapor entering the casing from the outlet groove.